At Ana’s Parrots & Supplies, we aren't looking to sell any bird to any customer.

If someone says they want a green bird, we know that this person probably hasn’t done the research on what it takes to own a bird. We would recommend they do online research or come down to our store, where we can explain the differences based on their experience and level of understanding of the responsibilities of owning a bird. We then look to match a bird to their lifestyle.

When someone is buying a bird, we are looking for indicators through feedback in matching the perfect bird to their new potential owner. For example, we once had a parent that wanted to buy their 13-year-old girl, a 4-year old Blue & Gold Macaw, but the girl was afraid of it! There was no way we would allow this sale to go through. Alternatively, a Jenday Conure was a better fit.

You may not realize it, but you are being interviewed when you are sitting with your potential new bird. We pioneered the idea of a Parrot Boutique shop; a shift from more familiar pet super-stores. We give each customer their own individualized experience. Matching appropriate cage sizes, toys, and food for their type of pet. Everything, in one convenient location!

“Our goal is to find the ideal addition to your family that will give years, if not decades, of enjoyment. With our unique, bird-centered approach, we strive to provide the best experience in the industry.” – Ana

About Our Location & Business

Ana is the founder of Ana’s Parrots & Supplies in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Over the years, she has developed a strong knowledge of parrots and exotic birds, as both a hobbyist and bird companion. Her local store has one of the largest and most complete selections of exotic birds in Pennsylvania.

It also features parrot merchandise, parrot supplies, and products from Uccello. Ana’s Parrots & Supplies is among the very best in the business, with the cleanest facility, highest quality cages, toys, and other products. We make you truly feel like part of the “family” and look forward to a great future, as we continue to educate the public about these wonderful creatures.

We are experts with a large variety of species including: Macaws, Conures, African Greys, Cockatoos, and many others. Ana is among the few breeders in Pennsylvania that possesses a CBW permit, allowing her to breed Golden Conures. To possess a Golden Conure, you must prove Pennsylvania state residency with a driver’s license or other state-issued ID. If you are outside of Pennsylvania, you must have a federal permit, provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. To learn more about CBW permits, or Golden Conures, please contact Ana at (646) 496-5005.

Ana’s Parrots has a closed aviary system, utilizing multiple HEPA and carbon filters. We create the broad spectrum of 5000K light (with a modified flicker fusion threshold), to emulate sunrises and sunsets, with our computer-controlled systems. We want your birds to live the longest and healthiest lives possible. Our bird’s diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, Uccello seed, and breeder pellets. We start with the most vital nutrition early in the day and then we give our birds treats later in the day.

We choose our breeders by picking the biggest and most colorful as our hold-backs.

Experienced & Compassionate Breeders

We Love Our Birds

We’ve bred many species over the years. My first breeding pair were Sun Conures. They weren’t bought as a breeding pair, but nature took over. They kept laying on the bottom of their cage, so I bought them a nest box and within 2-months, I heard squeaking in their nest box. I looked in and I saw four bobbing heads looking up at me! I bought two more pairs of breeders that were not tame or interested in any human interaction, and they were all prolific. I started to hold back the super red ones and the high yellows and crossed them into each other to create big, bright, healthy birds. From Suns, I started to breed Senegals, and then Pionus-sized birds. Within two years, I had already moved into Amazons.

By 2011, people were calling daily looking for African Greys. I bought several pairs and they didn’t breed or show interest in breeding. After two years of trial and error, I had my first clutch! This was followed by other pairs going to nest within the same month, and more than half of them being fertile on their first attempt while in my possession. About a year later, most of the pairs had become reliable breeders and I started to expand into African Greys, because their needs were not the same as the other birds I had in my aviary. By 2015, I had also learned how to pair and repair birds by looking for subtle cues of what a bird will tolerate and what it prefers.

Now, I’ve taken the time to work with endangered species while trading with other Federally-permitted breeders, to repopulate and enhance the species. Because of this I have had to hire more employees because, unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day.

I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’m learning constantly. I’m up at 4am and go to bed at 10pm seven days a week. From the time I wake up to the last feedings of the night, I am with my birds. There is a lot of bad information in books and from word-of-mouth about how to successfully breed. In my opinion, it’s learning your own birds and putting in the time to learn the process. Many times, what someone thinks will create an ideal breeding environment is actually counterproductive. Specifically, why do some pairs not breed for years? There is always a reason. It’s up to the breeder to figure it out.

From Our Clients