Fall 2020 Vet Checkup

Geanna had an amazing first vet visit since she came into our lives. She received a microchip today and our amazing doctor examined her thoroughly.

So many times, my children have asked, “Where are her ears?” Lol! So I asked her doctor to take a picture to demonstrate how her ears actually look. She did very well and is feeling great after her visit!

Take a look at some of her pictures and see just how happy she was to meet her new doctor.

Oh my…Mama got her beak done today! She fed her babies and did an amazing job regardless of her long beak.

Just like humans, when it comes to mothering babies, it can certainly take a lot out of a Mama. So it’s important that she continues to get specialized love & care, and her needs don’t get neglected.

Take a look at the before & after pictures of her beak. What an amazing change! Her beak looks so great after. Our doctor did an amazing job.

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